Blog Tour Round-Up

Pride: Blog Tour Round-Up

Hey Hey Owlets, Zel here with the OWLS June round-up. On behalf of the everyone here on the OWLS team, we’d like to thank everyone involved for this month’s tour! June was yet again another busy month for all of us, and we covered a great range of topics.

“Pride” Topic

In honor of “Pride Month,” we will be discussing the word, “Pride” and its meaning. We will be exploring pop culture characters’ most satisfying and joyful achievements or skills that they possessed and whether or not these qualities could be seen as a positive or negative aspect in their personal lives and/or society.

“Pride” Blog Tour Schedule
(June 2018)

5: Black Clover: The blessing and curse of Pride by Matthew Castillo (Matt-in-the Hat)

7: Never Lost at Anything Before, Prideful Akashi Seijuro by Mel (Mel in Anime Land)

12: Breaking the Boundaries of Society: Akagami no Shirayuki-hime by  Zoe (Let’s Talk Anime)

14: My Brother’s Husband – Through The Eyes of a Child by Mistress of Yaoi (Yaoi Playground)

15: Pride Goeth Before a Fall: Katsuki Bakugo by Zel (Archi-Anime)

17: The Pride of the Protagonist by Karandi (100 Word Anime)

18:  How Class 3E Found Their Pride Again by  Irina (Drunken Anime Blog)

19: A Musician’s Pride: Finding Your Own Sound in Piano no Mori by Naja B. (Nice Job Breaking It, Hero)

20: Rokka no Yuusha: The Strongest Man in the World by Marth (Marth’s Anime Blog)

20: Hachiman Hikigaya, A Benefactor, and Victim, of Pride by Jack (The Aniwriter)

22: Homosexuality and LGBT Relationships in Anime: Yuri!!! on Ice by Gloria (The Nerdy Girl News)

23: Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori’s Touch of Quality by Marina (Anime B&B)

24: My Love for Professional Wrestling and Why I’m Not Ashamed of it by Dale (That Baka Blog)

26: Princess Jellyfish: Confidence, Community, & the Beauty Below the Surface  by Takuto (Takuto’s Anime Cafe)

27: [Legend of the Galactic Heroes] Yang Wenli: National Pride vs Personal Pride by Scott (Mechanical Anime Reviews)

29: Envisioning Worlds Without Hate by Carla (PopCultureLiterary)


Thank you guys for being so awesome and here’s to even more OWLS goodness in the coming months! We look forward to seeing you in our June Blog Tour!

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