Blog Tour Round-Up

Journey: August 2018 Blog Tour Round-Up

Hey Hey Owlets, Naja B. here with the OWLS August Round-up. It’s been a pretty phenomenal blog tour with so many great posts from each of our awesome members! On behalf of the everyone here on the OWLS team, we’d like to thank everyone for participating in this month’s tour!

“Journey” Topic

“We have all heard this saying in some shape or form: “Life is a journey.” We travel down a path in hope that we reach a goal or destination, but the travel in getting there isn’t always easy. Along the way, we encounter some personal struggles. It is in those moments where we must overcome an adversity to complete our journey or take a different route or path instead. In this month’s OWLS post, we will be discussing the personal journeys of pop culture creators, icons, and characters. We will explore the journeys that these characters went through, discuss the process and experiences they had on their journeys, what they discover about themselves, or share our own personal journeys.”

“Journey” Blog Tour Schedule
(August 2018)

4: The Topic of Journey According to Pokemon by Shay (Anime Reviewer Girl)

7: From the New World: Through Horror, Calamity, & the Truth | OWLS “Journey” by  Takuto (Takuto’s Anime Cafe)

9: Naruto – Jiraiya’s Biographical Life Journey by Matthew Castillo (Matt-in-the-Hat)

13:All Yui ever wants is to grow up meaningfully by Shoka (Shokamoka’s Blog of Wonders)

15: What is a Journey? by Moonid (Random Garage)

16: Magi’s Wonderful Adventure by Jack (The Aniwriter)

17: Growing through Loss and Regret: FMAB by  Z (aniblogplay)

18: The Theme of the Journey in the Anime of Shinichiro Watanabe by Dale (That Baka Blog)

21: The great journey across the skies and across the screens by Marth (Marth’s Anime Blog)

22: Kodai’s Journey to Iscander by Scott (Mechanical Anime Reviews)

23: Flying The Great Condor Across a New World by Mel (Mel in Anime Land)

25: Galaxy Express 999 and Family! by Dylan (DynamicDylan)

26: Aoi and Hinata’s Journey: A Retrospective on Encouragement of Climb Seasons 1-3 by Marina (Anime B&B)

27: The Negative Makes Us Stronger by Lita (Lita Anime Corner)

28: Natsuyuki Rendezvous – The Journey of Grief & Acceptance by Steph (TwoHappyCats)

29: One Foot In Front of the Other by Karandi (100 Word Anime)

30: Highway to Hell by Megan (Nerd Rambles)

31: The Journey and History of Yuri Part 1 by Rai (Rai’s Anime Blog)

31: Exploring Grief Through Playing Rime by Carla (Pop Culture Literary)

Thank you guys for being so awesome and here’s to even more OWLS goodness in the coming months! We look forward to seeing you in our September Blog Tour!

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Free to be ME,
Naja B. (OWLS PR Head)



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