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“Grotesque” Blog Tour Schedule [October]

Hey hey hey Owlets! Another tour has finished, and a new one is about to get underway.

September was quite a busy month for us, and you can find the round-up here. We had an outpouring of posts and was probably the most filled up one of our tours has ever been. I’d like to thank all our members for their wonderful posts and their participation. I’d also want to thank those who follow us and keep up with us OWLS.


Now, it’s that spooky time of year! And to celebrate this fun holiday, this month’s theme in correlation with Halloween, is”Grotesque”.

In honor of Halloween, we will explore what we find vile and ugly in pop culture.  For this month’s topic, OWLS bloggers will be exploring characters or aspects of the grotesque in a piece of media and how it is a metaphor or allegory for society, human nature, or some other philosophical or humane idea.

“Grotesque” Blog Tour Schedule
(October 2018)

11: Megan (Nerd Rambles)

13: Zel (Archi-Anime)

16: Matt Castillo (Matt-in-the-hat)

17: Aria (Animanga Spellbook)

19: Takuto (Takuto’s Anime Cafe)

22: Flow (Captain Nyanpasu)

27: Lita (Lita Anime Corner)

28: Lyn (LynLyn Says)

29: Mistress (Mistress of Yaoi)

31: Fred (Au Naturel)

Please look forward to our members’ wonderful posts! 🙂

Also, we’re always welcoming new members, so if you are interested in becoming one of us Otaku Warriors for Liberty & Self-Respect (OWLS), please send us an e-mail. One of us will assist you. Don’t forget to follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Youtube. Thanks and have a great month everyone.

Free to be ME,
Zel (OWLS PR Team)


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