Blog Tour Round-Up

“Thankful” November Blog Tour Round Up

It’s a tad late but here is our round up for November !!

Greeting fellow folks!~! 

Lita here to conclude our November blog tour ‘Thankful. We hope you had a joyful thanksgiving and for some of our members, whom celebrate this occasion – spent all the money from the deadly Black Friday sales, haha. In the name of thanksgiving our members this month looked at content creators throughout pop culture. A special mentions goes out to comic book Stan Lee whom this month passed away at 95. That man’s legacy will live on forever.

Please check out our members warming posts for the November month !!!



“Thankful” Blog Tour Round Up 
(November 2018)


7th – Eiichiro Oda – I’m thankful for being a pirate fan By Matt In The Hat 

8th –[OWLS November Blog Tour] Thanks, Tim! By Megan (Nerd Rambles) 

10th – OWLS Blog Tour – What Anime Creator is Irina Thankful For? By Irina (I Drink And Watch Anime)

12th – [OWLS Blog Tour]: Thank You, Stan Lee By Hazel (Archi-Anime) 

16th – 
OWLS November “Thankful” Post: March Came in Like a Lion and Became My Inspiration – By Jack (Ani Writer) 

17th – 
OWLS Thankful: Sentai Filmworks and LGBT Anime! By Dylan (Dynamic Dylan)

19th –
Thankful, 2 Anime I’m Thankful For By Yum Deku (My Anime 2 go) 

20th – When Science & Magic Collide: Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Index/Railgun | OWLS “Thankful” By Takuto (Takuto’s Anime Cafe)

21st – OWLS: “Thankful” For the Creative Non-Fiction of Alida Nugent By Lyn (LynLynSays)

22nd OWLS | An Ode to Fan Content Creators By Mel By (Mel In Anime Land)

24th – Itadakimasu and Arigatō By Fred (Nature)

25th –[OWLS November Blog Tour] Ef and Myself;Yourself By Flow (Captain Nyanpasu)

27th – [OWLS Blog Tour] We All Live in a Pokemon World: An Ode to Pokemon III By Naja (Nice Job Breaking It Hero)

28th – 
[Nov. 2018 OWLS Post] Thank You for Gundam 0079, Tomino!!  By Scott (Mechanical Anime Reviews)


Some cracking posts by our fellow OWLS members this month of what they are thankful and special salute to Stan Lee, you will be missed. Thankyou for people’s continuous support for our OWLS group, its always appreciated. The holidays are here and December’s tour we are looking at the magic of miracles. Stay tuned for that !!

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Will see you guys for our December tour !!

Free to be me~


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