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April “Masculinity” Blog Tour – Continuing The Spring Reading at Our Favorite Cafe: Takuto’s!

Good barely morning everyone! It’s been a few quiet days but the break is over. Today we have an OWLS post scheduled. But we have an important question, have you all been keeping up with the spring reading? If not, head on over to Naja’s post about the Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! and Irina’s post on Natsume’s Book of Friends

And if you’ve been on top of things, then let’s check out what Takuto has in store for us today with Masculinity and Run with the Wind~

takuto masculinity.jpeg

Haiji’s a tricky guy to pin down. He’s both kind and wicked, unreasonable and unreadable almost 100% of the time, much like a Magic 8-ball that never spits out what you want to hear and asks you to do the impossible when it feels like it. (Huh, do they still make those things?)

As such, he’s frustrating to get along with, and I think it’s largely because he doesn’t follow the “stereotype” for a masculine leader.

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