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April “Masculinity” Blog Tour – Examining The Evolution of Masculinity

Good soon-to-be Night Owlets! Starting us off on the second week of our “Masculinity” blog tour is Crimson who examines masculinity in non-fiction books, how the concept has evolved, and the direction they hope it moves towards.

ICYMI, Takuto’s post Chasing You, Chasing Me: The Heart of Run with the Wind went live over the weekend so definitely read that before jumping over to Crimson’s post! But if you’re on track, please read on~

624 owls masculinity

Like our guys during the “Feminine” blog tour, I signed up for this month but had ZERO idea what to talk about. I briefly considered the yaoi genre but that would mix masculine and feminine themes and I wanted to keep this post centered on Masculinity. In the end, I ended up remembering some books that I read for one of my history classes that focused on masculinity

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