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April “Masculinity” Blog Tour – From Anime to Comics, Fall Into Nerd Rambles!

Happy Easter everyone! We hope it was well spent eating candy~ (feel free to throw us a few, we love chocolate)

While today (Sunday and holiday) is usually for rest, munching on some goodies, and spending time with loved ones, our nerdy OWLS member Megan has been hard at work with our next stop in the Masculinity blog tour! If you guys have already finished up with Matt’s post on the Joestar men, then hop on over to Megan’s blog to talk about one of her biggest fictional inspirations


I know this might sound silly but Tintin was, and still is, the type of person I aspire to be like. Brave, intelligent and compassionate. Someone who will always speak up and fight for the truth. Most of all, that he went through hell, facing down organised crime rings and even the mafia and didn’t flinch.

For a bullied kid, that really spoke to me. I would tell myself that if Tintin can handle all of that, I could put up with the abuse hurled at me.

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Like always,
Free to Be ME ❤

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