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April “Masculinity” Blog Tour – At the Most Basic Level, What Is Masculinity? A Crash Course with Fred!

Today has been quite the busy day! But we hope everyone has been taking care. We can’t believe we’re almost at the end of the “Masculinity” blog tour.

So far all our OWLS members have been doing a fantastic job analyzing, exploring, and discussing what masculinity means to them and how pop culture and society portrays masculinity. Yesterday Megan talked about Tintin, a character she considers masculine (what that means) and how he has inspired her. If you missed it definitely check it out before jumping into today’s post!

If you’re right on track, then head on over to see how Fred has defined masculinity, how the media twists this definition, and how we passively accept this.


On a biological level, masculinity is whatever your Y chromosome does to make a male different from a female. On a cultural level, whatever the media shows you is a mirror of what most people think of as masculine.

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