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May “Happiness” Blog Tour – The Joys of Anime and Family with Neha!

The day is slowly coming to an end and if yall are on this side of the world then it’s a race against the hour! Before you go to bed, why not check out some great OWLS posts?

Yesterday we had Matt talk about the moments of happiness that he felt during many of his firsts in the anime community! If you haven’t checked out his post yet, now is the time to dive on over. For those of you who are all caught up, we salute you loyal Owlets! Today Neha made their OWLS debut and talked about the joys of anime and their relationship with their brother!


Happiness for me has always been one person: my brother. Throughout my life he was the biggest source of support and motivation; the one individual whom I could count on to be honest with me and to help shape me into a person with a good heart. When I hear words like “happy” and “joy,” I get flooded with memories of him where we are laughing or cooking or even just having a serious talk about something.

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