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May “Happiness” Blog Tour – Touring Takuto’s Room of Happiness and Memories!

And we come by, racing to share another post with you all before the day ends!! But then, are we really late? Surely somewhere in the world, it’s still hours before the end of today

But in case you guys were also stuck in the time loop we just managed to escape (for a few seconds of course), then be sure to head on over to Flow’s happiness post where they talk about anime, music, and gaming! Up next (and ready for everyone to ogle) is Takuto’s collection of happiness (oh we are so jealous of that layout!)


I wouldn’t pour this much time and cash into something that made me feel worse than I did before. I’ve always been a collector, whether for Pokemon and Yugioh cards or Bakugan and Beyblades. On that note, perhaps collecting physical anime and related media was inevitable.

But on the other hand, while I love collecting for my own sake, I also like being able to share my library with my family and friends.

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Like always,
Free to Be ME ❤


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