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May “Happiness” Blog Tour – Screaming in Joy from Gacha Games with Shokamoka!

How has everyone’s OWLS sprint been? Well, we hope there’s still more stamina waiting to be used because we have one more post to share today! (The wonders of time traveling, sorry, we can’t share this secret just yet)

Earlier today we shared Matt Doyle’s post on cosplay and the many moments of Happiness that hobby can have (plus we got to see their lineup of previous cosplays, which is always super cool!). And now we’re going into the game industry with Shokamoka who introduces us to Gacha games! Specifically how they bring happiness and saltiness to our lives (#TakeOurMoney)


You see. Given my blog’s nature, it is natural for me to consistently come out with anime write-ups here and there. But as soon as I heard about this month’s theme not being restricted to that medium alone, I bent away from my norm faster than you obtaining a rare stuff from a gacha game.

And that is what I want to brag about today — Gacha games and happiness they offer!

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Like always,
Free to Be ME ❤

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