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May “Happiness” Blog Tour – The Wonders of the Anime Community with Mel!

Good morning Owlets!! We hope everyone got enough sleep and that yall are ready for our next sprint today. Yesterday we shared a couple posts filled with Happiness and today we have a few more lined up for everyone’s viewing pleasure~

Our last post was by Shokamoka, who introduced us to the happiness that Gatcha games can bring us. If you haven’t checked out his post, here’s the link! Up next is Mel who gives us many things that bring us happiness but she specifically focuses on one thing: the anime community


I could share with you a lot of thing that make me happy and talk about it over and over again. But I will not center my post about those thing. Today I will tell you what makes me happy as an aniblogger.

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Like always,
Free to Be ME ❤

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