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May “Happiness” Blog Tour – Closing our May Tour with Scott and His Anime Collector’s Story!

Can you guys believe it’s over? In a sense, Happiness is not a one-month topic. We should always be celebrating the little and big things in life that bring us joy, but there’s also something very comforting about a group of people getting together and geeking out about all the things that bring joy to their hearts!

Lyn talked about Fanime and the community in her post this month, and today we close this tour with Scott, who gives us a tour of his anime collection. Like everyone else’s experiences, they tell a story of more than just happiness


So if you ever wondered how bad (or good) my Gundam obsession is, here is everything that I have so far. Yeah, look at it, that’s pretty nuts isn’t? And the worse/best part is that this isn’t even all of Gundam. It keeps going and I am probably destined to buy all of it at some point in the future

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