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June “Vulnerable” Blog Tour – Using Language as a Form of Vulnerability with Crimson!

Good day Owlets!

As yall might have heard, our June “Vulnerable” tour has begun! On Sunday we had Megan talk about the use of blogging as a form of vulnerability so if you haven’t checked it out yet, this is their post. Up next on the list we have Crimson who does something a bit different for their stop. They actually wrote their post in Spanish! But no worries, they also translated that post for us non-Spanish readers!

crimson june

Cuando me puse a pensar, me acordé que la gente, cuando se siente vulnerable, siempre regresa a lo familiar. Y bueno, el español – aunque batalle con escribirlo y tenga que usar un documento de Google Drive y el traductor de Google (a veces hasta Google en general, para buscar ciertas palabras) – es una red de seguridad para mi.

When I sat down to think, I remembered that when people feel vulnerable, they always return to something familiar. And well, Spanish – even though I struggle with writing it and even had to use a Google Doc and Google Translate (even Google in general to find certain words) – is a safety net for me.

Read: SpanishEnglish

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