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June “Vulnerable” Blog Tour – The Evolution of Natsume’s Vulnerability with Irina!

Good day Owlets!

How has everyone been? We’ve had a few rainy days on this side of the world, which is equivalent to perfect reading days. And what’s better than sitting down with a hot cup of tea and the latest OWLS lineup? Nothing, obviously…

ICYMI, Dylan was the last to talk about vulnerability in his video about Check, Please, a super cute comic about hockey boys. And if you’ve already checked out his video, then you’re right on track to check out Irina’s post on Natsume!


I enjoy vulnerability in both those examples. However, I think that it’s because it serves a narrative purpose in those cases and isn’t used to shackle the character to a superficial trope. What I find difficult to appreciate, is when the vulnerability is treated as a character’s entire personality and renders them incapable of any agency in their stories.

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