[Announcement] OWLS: Vulnerable, Strong, and Charming – Coming SOON to a YouTube Channel Near You!

It’s here!! The announcements you’ve all been waiting for!

owls livestream

The Vulnerable livestream will take place on Friday, July 5th at 10am PST. We’ve decided on a morning stream this time to help our fellow international OWLS and viewers catch up on some much-needed sleep! If you need some conversion help, we really like this website. 10am PST is equivalent to 6pm BST!

Our hosts will be Scott from Mechanical Anime ReviewsCrimson, and *drumroll* HIKARI from Hikari Otaku Station! It’s been a busy month and we didn’t get a chance to highlight one of the great things that happened here at OWLS

We got a new member! I think it’s a fine night to party! Actually, Hikari joined a little before this but June was her OWLS debut and we just had to celebrate. Not only that, but Hikari is pulling all the stops here, not only did she post with OWLS for the first time this June, but she’s also participating in a livestream?! We need to up our game

check out this little video on our Instagram!!

Thank you for joining us Hikari! And we hope you enjoy your stay with our smol family

As for our livestream, like usual, we will be recapping our June “Vulnerable” blog tour, answering questions, and introducing our July blog tour theme. Watch out for that livestream link via Twitter OR you guys can subscribe to our YouTube channel (hint, hint). Make sure to turn on all notifications via the little bell next to the subscribe button. On Twitter, we will be using the tag #OWLSLivestream!

Make sure to follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram for more updates. If you guys have ever thought about joining OWLS, this is a great chance to ask us about anything you might be curious about~

Like always,
Free to Be ME

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