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June “Vulnerable” Blog Tour – What Otome Heroines Teach Us with Naja!

Good Morning Owlets!!

We hope everyone’s had a good day so far, especially our friends in the future! We are still *yawn* waking up on this side of the world. Now then, where is that coffee because today is going to be a packed day! Not only will we continue to share a few more Vulnerable blog tour posts, but we also plan to make some announcements!! Any guesses on what this might be about?

Now then, if you didn’t already catch YumDeku’s post on vulnerability in ShinSekai Yori, now’s the time to head on over! And be sure to leave them lots of love, thank you for the shoutout!! The truth is, we can’t really do much without our wonderful and passionate writers (and we’re always looking for more awesomeness to join our ranks!).

If you’re all caught up, then next up we have Naja who gives us the rundown on Otome Heroines and how, contrary to their simplistic roles, they can have a huge impact on the whole cast because of their vulnerability



Ichika doesn’t save the day because she is inherently strong or smart, she does it because she has strong convictions and she embraces the flaws in herself and others.

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