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June “Vulnerable” Blog Tour – Vulnerability Opens The Door to New Strengths with Scott!

Good Day Owlets!!

We hope everyone’s been enjoying the content lately, including the announcements we had earlier. We know it’s a little different from usual but who doesn’t like a bit of spontaneity?

Now then, returning to our regular schedule, we last shared Naja’s post where she gave us the rundown on Otome Heroines and how they can have a huge impact because of their vulnerabilities. And up next we have Scott, who takes us on the Moribito journey to look at the fantastic character Balsa!


Have you ever know someone who puts on a strong face upfront, but is hiding a lot of pain behind their smile? I’m sure there are tons of people out there like that. Keep your friends close and be there when they need it. When those friends break, they are usually the most vulnerable out of anyone.

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Free to Be ME ❤

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