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June “Vulnerable” Blog Tour – Closing Our Vulnerable Tour with Fred’s Take!

And with this post, we have successfully completed our June Vulnerable tour~

We hope you guys have enjoyed the different angles that our writers have taken for this topic! We will be having a bit of a break tomorrow to get ready for our morning livestream this Friday but feel free to catch up if you missed one of our stops. Here is the June roundup post! If you have a favorite, if we missed an angle you’d like to share, or anything else, let us know. We’re always up for a discussion

Now then, earlier today we shared Takuto’s post that centered around the series Sarazanmai and the vulnerabilities that the three main characters are forced to express. If you’re all caught up with his post, then it’s time to take a different look at vulnerability with Fred!


When you tell your lover your innermost secrets, you are vulnerable.  But vulnerability isn’t just confiding in someone you believe will understand. There is some vulnerability in everything we do. The blogger is vulnerable to their readership. The actor is vulnerable to the audience. The employee is vulnerable to the employer. The mountaineer is vulnerable to falls and avalanches. The soldier is vulnerable to the bomb and bullet.

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