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July “Technology” Tour – Balance and Technology with Aria!

Good morning Owlets!

Possibly even goodnight (but don’t fall asleep yet, we got some OWLS goodies for yall) for our international followers. We hope everyone’s been having a good day so far. According to our handy dandy schedule, it looks like we have a post a day for two weeks! And as our high school principal liked to say every morning, it’s easier to keep up than to catch up we never said we were good at taking advice

Last time we shared Dylan’s video where he talks about technology in Summer Wars and how it becomes a catalyst to strengthening the ties between family. If you missed it, head on over to his channel! Up next we’re moving over to Aria’s blog, who talks about SSS Gridman and technology


There was one show I wanted to be more about technology than anything else and that’s SSSS.Gridman. When your tokusatsu hero transforms via a computer to fight viruses (that was the plot of the original Gridman), it’s gotta be about technology…right?

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Like always,
Free to Be ME ❤

p.s. How would you twist this theme on Technology?


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