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July “Technology” Tour – Technology and Government Ethics with Jack!

The really great thing about these tours is how vast all our member’s knowledge and viewpoints are, and we especially see this in Jack’s post today

Last time we shared Aria’s post, where they talked about SSS Gridman and how we should be finding a balance with technology, lest we miss out on opportunities. Up next we have Jack’s post on Psycho-Pass, the Sibyl System, and how this series reflects the society that we live in. How much do we really know about technology and how it can work in our world?


In an age where technological advancement has increased rapidly over a relatively small period of time, many take for granted that same technology and its wide-scale usage and application. Another thing people often take for granted are the values that technology holds. Now, many might respond with the idea that most technology is value-neutral, and can be used in both good and bad ways, but what if it was technology was determining and enforcing values?

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p.s. How would you twist this theme on Technology?

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