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July “Technology” Tour – How Technology Connects Us with Our Favorite Cafe Host, Takuto!

Good day everyone! We hope everyone’s been having a wonderful day so far.

We are currently huddled in a bundle of blankets, ready for our next OWLS read. Last time we shared Jack’s post on Psycho-Pass, the Sibyl System, and how the series reflects the society that we live in. If you missed Jack’s post, which FYI has been our most popular IG post – awesome! – go on and head over to his blog now~

But if you’re ready for the next journey, then let’s head on over to our favorite anime cafe to see what Takuto has to say about Technology and Kino’s Journey


Often, the problems Kino encounters with Hermes are not with law or culture, but with people. Where there are people, there will always be problems—that much is inevitable. But when we can accept one another’s differences and see the order in the world, the world itself becomes much easier to live in. A bothersome world, sure, but a beautiful one nevertheless.

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Like always,
Free to Be ME ❤

p.s. If you had to write a post for this month’s tour, how would you twist the theme?

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