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July “Technology” Tour – What is Technology with Lyn!

Our next share for the day comes from Lyn, but before we head on over to her blog, we hope you’ve visited Takuto’s where he talked about Kino’s Journey and how the use of technology connects us

For this month, Lyn talks about the movie Your Name, explains what technology is, and gives us a whole new take on the theme!

your name

When we think about technology, we usually focus on the high-tech stuff that impacted the way we live and what we value. However, I am going to take a step back to admire one of the oldest pieces of technology we have and without it, the other things we enjoy like the Internet, computers, and smartphones wouldn’t have been invented.

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Like always,
Free to Be ME ❤

p.s. If you had to write a post for this month’s tour, how would you twist the theme?

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