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July “Technology” Tour – Technology, Social Media, and the Mental Stress with Lita!

Our last share for today lands us in the world of Youtube!

But before jumping forward, we hope you guys also enjoyed Hikari’s post, where she focused on the (really cute) series Recovery of an MMO Junkie. Hikari also gave us some observations she’s made over the years in relation to technology.

Now then, up next we have Lita, who talks about the mental stress social media and the internet can have on us

Yuu’s character reminded me of how addicting technology is epsecially social media, especially has an obsession with Twitter and eventually he grows out of wanting to use Twitter and the people who follow him, he begins to care less about and more about the real connections that he has made

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p.s. If you had to write a post for this month’s tour, how would you twist the theme?

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