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July “Technology” Tour – The Troubles and Gains of Technology with Hikari!

Good morning everyone!

Today we have two posts to share with yall. Or rather one post and one video. Yes, our Youtubers are back and kicking butt for this month’s theme!

ICYMI, yesterday we last shared Lyn’s post where she talked about the movie Your Name, explains what technology means, which gave a whole new meaning to this month’s tour theme. Up next we have Hikari, who decided to focus on the (really cute) series Recovery of an MMO Junkie and has walked us through memory lane with some observations she’s made over the years


Now I personally think technology is an amazing thing. Lets be honest can we imagine our lives without phones or interntet (there would be no bloggers 😭).

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Like always,
Free to Be ME ❤

p.s. If you had to write a post for this month’s tour, how would you twist the theme?

3 thoughts on “July “Technology” Tour – The Troubles and Gains of Technology with Hikari!

    1. oh! that would be interesting! haven’t seen much of GITS but in a lot of scifi films and series 2019 is the future. it would be interesting to see how it compares and what people were expecting of technology then


      1. I have some dry as dust info indicating that we’ve managed to keep pig brains alive in a vat for several hours. Drugs were used to suppress consciousness. We have prosthetic devices that connect directly to nerves. We are closer than most would think.

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