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July “Technology” Tour – Closing the Physical Distances Using Technology with Carla!

Our next share for this month’s tour leads us back to our writers’ blogs! If you’re wondering what else to expect for this month, here is our full July schedule

ICYMI, earlier we shared Shay’s video on Ingress and how these mobile games are actually a positive side to technology and big corporations. After all, in order to play the games, we’re being forced to go out and be active, something that has (sadly) declined with the growth of technology

If you’re all caught up, then next up we have Carla who talks about the use of technology in Laid-Back Camp (ゆるキャン△ Yurukyan)


One of my favorite uses of smartphone technology is when characters use it to share their adventures with friends who are not present with them. When Nadeshiko is out and about, for example, she occasionally sends her friends photos of things she encounters. She does this whether she’s camping or just out walking around town. Her photos typically include captions explaining the scene to her friends and giving them small windows into what her day looks like.

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