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July “Technology” Tour – Technology and Inciting Mobility with Shay!

Good day everyone! Or possibly evening depending on what side of the world you reside in. We hope everyone’s been having a great day so far

July is slowly coming to an end, which means we have some catching up to do. Our Youtubers are slowly rising from the ashes like phoenixes. Last time we watched Lita talk about the strain that technology can have on people, especially if you’re using social media or are a blogger/youtuber. If you missed her video, head on over here to watch it!

Next up we have Shay who talks about the game Ingress and how technology can actually be beneficial to us stationery otaku

So the reason why I decided to talk about this one is because the technology involves something that we all have which is our…cellphones! That’s right, like I mentioned, Ingress is a mobile game that you use with your cellphone and you basically go outside and you play this game and it forces you to go outside.

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