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July “Technology” Tour – The Developing Technology and Separation of Generations with Matt!

Good day everyone

We hope yall have been enjoying the OWLS posts to date. While many of our members are already gearing up for our August tour, there are still a few others slowly getting through July…like us!

Yesterday we shared both Shay’s video on Ingress and the benefits of mobile games that require mobility in order to play, and Carla’s blog post about Laid-Back Camp, which features a group of girls who use technology to share their adventures with each other when they are physically too far away. In both cases, we see positive aspects of technology, but like Matt says in his post, it can be a double-edged sword

For today’s OWLS share, we will be looking at Matt’s post about how technology is evolving and the friction it can cause between generations!


Have you ever stopped and think about what if we never had the things we hold in possession? For example, can you live a day without your smartphone? Do you even remember that the first phone was a telephone instead of calling it a smart phone? Do you remember renting VHS movies from Blockbuster? As someone who was born in the 90s I remember growing up in a simple time

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