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July “Technology” Tour – A Dependency on Technology with Scott!

Before heading to bed tonight, here’s our last share of the day (and with this one we’re back on track for the rest of the technology tour). Can you believe we’re only FOUR posts away from finishing?!

We’re trying not to think too much about it by rereading a few of our favorite posts 😉 Now then, earlier today we shared Auri’s post, which deals with medicine, prosthetic equipment, and the impact it has on the lives of people, specifically in relation to sports. If you missed her post, please head on over now to read up on it!

Next up we have Scott’s post, who talks about Megalobox and the use of technology in the ring!


Under the false identity of Joe, Junk Dog starts making a name for himself in ways that no one in the public sphere expects him to. By fighting his matches completely gearless. Yes, the name Gear Less Joe spreads like wild fire as he fights against unique sets of opponents that use their fighting and robotic arm styles. He keeps winning matches that should be technically be impossible to win and he’s having fun doing it.

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