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July “Technology” Tour – The Technological Influences on Medicine with Auri!

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We hope you enjoyed the reading break from OWLS because it ends today (for a few days at least)! Since our last share, we’ve had many great posts from our members about Technology in the world around us. Last time Matt showed us how technology has evolved in both our world and the ninja word and how it’s used for good and bad. If you missed his post, now’s the time to catch up!

Up next we’d like to welcome back Auri from her long hiatus! She instantly wanted to join our tour this month and even wrote a very interesting post on technology and how it has influenced the field of medicine


I had mentioned sometime before on Twitter, that I think sports injuries are one of the most tragic things there is.

And in the past, there really wasn’t much you could do about it. Take prosthesis for example. Pre- 2000s if a sports player had undergone amputation, their sports career was over. Now though? With the advancements in technology, nerve control can be extended over the prosthetic to get it to mimic life like realistic movements.

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