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July “Technology” Tour – Technology and the Little Joys of Life with Mel!

Good day everyone! Welcome back to the last three days of our tour on Technology

ICYMI, last time we shared Scott’s post on Megalobox where he talks about how easy it is to become completely dependant on technology, which can rob us of the simple pleasures in boxing. If you haven’t read it, now’s the time to head on over, since we have a few days before our next tour begins! But if you’re all caught up, then chances are you want in on the next post, which is where Psycho-Pass makes an entrance

Up next, Mel talks about this advanced world and how we’re not exactly far off from replicating it


Technology has brought us a lot of form of entertainment and it is now part of our everyday life, everything becomes more efficient, new generation of phones, computers, laptops, gaming systems always do more than the previous one. Some factories have more computer and robotic component than human beings and A.I is not a fancy idea of the future anymore.

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