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July “Technology” Tour – Closing Our Technology Tour with Crimson and Being a Hero!

Is this what you would call T-minus 1 day?

Good day everyone, we hope there’s tons of excitement about the beginnings of the next tour next month but we’re still going strong with technology

Our last share was from Neha who gave us more insight into their lives as a racer (so cool!!) by talking about the series Ridebackers and how racing contributes to technological advances. While we’ve often heard it’s not a good idea to let ourselves get lost in technology, Neha very passionately tells us that they actually found their identity in this culture. If you missed it, now’s the time to race on over

If you’re all caught up then congrats. You’ve almost made it to the finish line! We hope you guys enjoyed our Technology tour this month! For today we have a post about the series Tiger and Bunny

tiger and bunny5

In Tiger and Bunny, we have an interesting setup of what it means to be a hero, and while Kotetsu does have to face-off against a few Final Bosses, he also has to face-off against the high-tech society that values heroes based on how much excitement they can offer the people

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