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“Lover” September Blog Tour Schedule

Love is battlefield, Love is blind, Love is beautiful, Love is ugly. Love is many things and Love is taking up our September. !

“We Don’t Love To Be Loved; We Love To Love” – Leo Buscaglia 

Greetings Everyone, 

It’s Lita from the PR team here to bring you our September schedule this time around we’re looking at the topic of love. Fantastic domain of love as we look at the beautiful and ugly in romantic relationships, the expectations, the sacrifices. Our members will be looking across pop culture.

If you are curious of what we looked at last August check it out here on the topic of Believe


When it comes to romantic relationships, what do we look for in a partner? What core values do we seek when it comes to building a healthy and loving relationship? For this topic, we will be discussing some of our favorite couples in pop culture and what they have taught us about love and relationships, the good and the bad. 

“Flows Request”

“Lover” Blog Tour Schedule
(September 2019)

5th – Aria from The AniManga Spellbook

8th – Megan from Nerd Rambles

11th – Jack from Animated Observations

14th – Shay from Shay Taree

15th – Pinkie from Pinkie’s Pokemon 

16th – Auri from Manga Toritsukareru Koto

17th – Crimson from Cute Boys Central

18th – Fred from Au Natural

19th – Karandi from 100 Word Anime

20th – Carla from Pop Culture Literary

21st – Naja B.  from Blerdy Otome

22nd – Lyn from Just Something About LynLyn

23rd – Yumdeku from myanime2go

24th – Takuto from Takuto’s Anime Cafe

25th – Flow from DenOfNyanPasu

26th – Irina from I Drink And Watch Anime 

27th – Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews

28th – Matt from Matt In The Hat 

29th – Hikari from Hikari Otaku Station and Rai from Rai’s Anime Blog

30th – Lita from Lita Kino Anime Corner

We hope you enjoy our September tour !! 

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Like always,
Free to Be ME 

Lita xx


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