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The “Lover” Discussions Begins with Aria! – Who is the ultimate husbando/waifu?

Good morning Owlets!!

Welcome back to the blog and what we hoped was fall weather. Unfortunately, it’s still feeling like summer doesn’t want to go back. But we suppose this 90F (32C) weather is perfect for the first post in our Lover tour schedule. It’s going to be a heated one!

To start us off, Aria has decided to not hold back and jump straight into the husbando and waifu talk. Remember to keep all discussion civil…unless someone decides to trash on our sports boyfriends. Then it’s war!


I think people who don’t commit to extreme pop culture fan interaction would agree that husbando/waifu hunting is probably one of the odder practices of fandom in general (particularly anime/manga fandom, since that’s where the most waifu/husbando claimers exist in the first place). Finding a husbando/waifu (and the perception of oddness from those who don’t participate in it) has only become more widespread by means of the internet and the greater distribution of anime/manga as a whole.

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Like always,
Free to Be ME ❤

p.s. We would love it if you dropped some husbandos and waifus our way

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