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September “Lover” Tour – How Healthy is Light x Misa with Megan!

Good morning Owlets!!

Hopefully, everyone came back well and with minor injuries from the possible waifu and husbando “talk” that happened on Aria’s blog at the beginning of this tour! If not, well, we have a healing tent somewhere…with the REAL #1s nursing us. Of course, this means that screening for actual injuries is a must. We can’t just let anyone be treated by them!

In their post, Aria talked about the concept of husbando and waifu hunting and what that says about us. If you missed it, now’s the chance to go check it out! Definitely a good start to this month’s Lover tour. Up next we have Megan who talks about the relationship between Light and Misa from Death Note. What are your thoughts on this tragic couple?


From my limited experience in that department, even I know that relationships are something that can only work when both parties involved are, well, involved. It takes effort to make a relationship last and both of them need to contribute, the pair are equals.

Light and Misa are the exact opposite.

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