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September “Lover” Tour – Looking at Koizumi and Otani’s Feelings with Jack!

Good day everyone!! How has everyone’s September been so far? Or rather, how was your Friday the 13th? We are happy to report minor casualties!

And in order to celebrate, we thought it was about time to get serious about this Lover blog tour. Starting today, we will be sharing at least one post (or video) per day with you so please buckle down and make sure to not fall behind

We have to admit that OWLS loves talking about the kokoro feels

Last time, we shared Megan’s post where she talked about the dynamic between Misa Misa and Light from Death Note. If you didn’t get a chance to read it yet, now’s your chance. But if you’re all caught up, then up next up we have Jack who talks about a cute show called Lovely Complex. Have you guys seen this series? Let us know what your thoughts are on the main couple!


So, I have a confession to make: turns out I’m actually a pretty big fan of Romantic Comedies, especially ones from the mid to late 2000’s. Especially if their made by Toei Animation. What I really mean to say is that I am a fan of a show called Lovely Complex, and the show’s main characters Koizumi and Otani.

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