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September “Lover” Tour – Missing Out on the Now with our Newest Member, Pinkie!

Good day everyone! Today is one of those rare days where we will get two posts a day but it’s made even more special for the fact that weeeee *drumroll* got a new member in our midst! We know, we’re super emotional too!

Please give a warm welcome to our newest OWLS member Pinkie who joined us last month and was excited to join our tours asap! If you want to know more about her and why she joined OWLS, check out our Team page, which has been recently updated

Now then, earlier today we shared Shay’s video on “Lover” where she talked about the series Paradise Kiss and the relationship between Yukari and George. Similarly (but also completely different), Pinkie talks about Pokemon and the relationship Ash had (and could have had) with his two potential love interests Serena and Misty! Let us know what you think about them


In two cases there even was some clear cut romantic subplots.  In the Pokémon anime, both Misty and Serena definitely could have been lovers of Ash. No matter who watches the Pokémon anime , they see that Ash and Misty were supposed to end up together and even more so with Serena. What changed them from potential lovers into star crossed lovers in one foul swoop?

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Like always,
Free to Be ME ❤

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