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September “Lover” Tour – Defining Love and Our ‘Expectations’ with Auri!

Good day, Owlets!!!

Today we start the second week of the Lover blog tour. While we’ve gone ahead and prepared some celebratory posts on our Instagram (hint hint), our members are hard at work to tell you all about the concept of Lover. Or at least we’re trying…!!

Last time Pinkie talked about Ash and how his ambition is blinding him to the possibilities of love and deeper relationships with the people around him, specifically Misty and Serena! If you missed the post, head on over to read it now. If you’re right on track, then next up we have Auri who talks about the really cute (and apparently melancholy inducing) manga Mikako-san! Check out what she has to say about Lover


As a person, if someone asked me what I’d expect from a partner (romantic), I wouldn’t really have an answer.
The thing is, I don’t really understand love. I use my age as an excuse to say that I am young, and naive and I don’t know. But somewhere I doubt myself. For this reason, I framed the question this way. Not what you expect out of a partner, but rather what your concept of love does.

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