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September “Lover” Tour – Looking at Different Types of Lovers in Anime with Fred!

Hey there, Owlets!!!

The day is slowly coming to an end but we have one more post to share

Earlier today we shared Crimson’s post where they talk about the series No. 6 and explores why Nezumi and Shion were drawn to one another. If you missed that post, you can catch up here. But if you’re ready for the next post, well, it’s now live. In Fred’s post, we get a plethora of lovers both in anime and in various forms of pop culture and art. Check out where his analysis led him!


As I grew up, I understood the term “lover” to denote any member of a physically and emotionally intimate relationship, usually outside of marriage. It might be a single torrid night. It might run its course when the heat of passion burns out or last forever as the functional equivalent of marriage without contract.

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