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September “Lover” Tour – Interpreting Relationships in Pop Culture with Carla!

Hey there, Owlets!!! How does it feel to finally be part of Autumn? Does this mean that we’ll have cooler temperature? It’s hard to say but we are crossing our wings for this

Now then, it’s been a few days but last time we shared Fred’s post where he looked at various forms of lovers in anime, music, and other forms of art. If you haven’t checked out his post yet, now’s the time to head on over! If you’re all caught up on his post, then we can head on over to Carla’s post, which is similar in format, however, we focus on the shipping aspect of “lover”. What does your ship say about you and the show?


One of the things that I love most about the media that make up pop culture is that within each creative work exists the potential for the audience to create their own interpretation of the work’s content.

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