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September “Lover” Tour – Compatability in Otome Romances with Naja!

Good morning Owlets!! Welcome back to the blog for more Lover posts. Can you guys believe we’re on our last week for this tour?! How time flies. Luckily, we still have a full lineup of posts ready to be devoured by you all

Yesterday we shared Carla’s post where she dives into the world of shipping and pop culture, and how we interpret different relationships in media. If you haven’t checked out her post yet, you should do so now! Up next in the schedule is Naja, who decided to talk about the relationship between Ichika and Enomoto from the otome game Collar x Malice. Have you played this game? How compatible do you think these two are?


It’s no secret that Collar x Malice is my new favorite otome game, since it has a much darker storyline than most romance themed games. This isn’t really a romance heavy otome game, but even still CxM has one of my favorite otome couples. Of all the routes, I think I enjoyed Enomoto’s the most, because he and Ichika seemed to be the most compatible, both as investigation partners and as a potential lover.

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