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September “Lover” Tour – Navigating the Relationship Scene with Lyn!

It’s almost the end of the day but we’ve decided to throw one last post at you guys today. The nice thing is that it’s a pretty short one, which we know you all love

Earlier today we shared Naja’s post, which was about the relationship between Ichika and Enomoto from the otome game Collar x Malice. If you haven’t read her post yet, now’s the time to do so. Up next is actually Lyn, who we often think of as the best person for love advice. Well, she’s here to counter this idea by giving us some personal advice on why she’s not the love guru we all believe she is and some of her beliefs for “lover”


I have zero experience in this topic because all of my “serious” relationships failed. I also tend to not manifest confessions to my unrequited crushes because I just have this “gut feeling” that they don’t feel the same way.  Thus, I am not the right person to even give love advice because all my knowledge of romance comes from all the books I read, the songs I listened to, and the dramas I watched.

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