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September “Lover” Tour – Looking on the Bright Side of the Yandere Couple with YumDeku!

Good day everyone! We noticed that throughout this tour, we were mainly looking at some really sweet and fun series and checking what they taught us about love and lovers. We know, it’s as the prompt said we should, but then, why not check out the other side of the spectrum? The darker side of the moon so to speak

Luckily, we have just the post for you all today! But if you haven’t already checked out Lyn’s post where she shares some personal thoughts on romantic relationships, then you should head on over before jumping to YumDeku’s post. In their post, YumDeku looks at the relationship between Yuno and Yukiteru and gives us some interesting advice

future diary

The Future Diary is an iconic show and cultural phenomenon, that I felt really popularized the “yandere” female character in anime. It explores human nature, how we relate and what drives us. And most especially to me puts a spotlight on relationships and the ups and downs that come with it.

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