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September “Lover” Tour – Searching For What Is Missing with Flow!

Good day everyone!

Today we have two September posts to share with you all. But before we move on, were you present at our “Lover” livestream on Friday? If not, you can still find three of our OWLS members recapping the tour here and introducing our October theme! We are slowly but surely closing the gap between September and October

Last time we share Takuto’s post where he talks about the series Michiko & Hatchin and the journey they go on for “Lover”, only to find a whole other meaning in love. If you missed it, you can read his post here! Up next we have Flow, who is actually the person who requested this month’s theme!! In his post, Flow talks about the visual novel Kara no Shoujo


Sure, there are many reasons why people fall for each other or are attracted. I personally think that the reason for their attraction for each other comes from a very simple place. It may sound lame, but not everything has to be complicated.

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