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September “Lover” Tour – Finding Comfort in Our Differences with Scott!

Good day everyone!

We are slowly closing in on the end of the September “Lover” lineup. Yesterday we shared Irina’s post, where she reminds us that the term “Lover” doesn’t just have to mean a love towards a person (or even romantic), but a “Lover” of, well, Natsume. If you missed her post, where she talks about the community, do give it a read here! And up next we have Scott, who talks about the series Princess Tutu. Check out what he has to say in relation to “Lover”


When Princess Tutu and Fakir the Knight meet, there is untold friction between the two. Why? Because Fakir doesn’t want Mythos to get any heart chards while, Duck as Tutu is attracted to the Prince to return to normal. Of course, Rue and Kraehe get involved, crazy things happen, and suddenly the Prince everything is worse now. What happens?

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