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September “Lover” Tour – Seeing the Good in Your Partner with Matt!

Good morning everyone!

We hope you’ve all been having a great day so far. It’s the start of the week so even if you’re feeling like you wish it were Friday again, give it your best!

Now then, yesterday we shared Scott’s post from the September “Lover” tour and he talked about Princess Tutu, specifically the budding relationship between personality opposites Duck and Fakir. If you missed it, check out his post here! After Scott we have Matt, who decides to combine two meanings that we’ve explored for “Lover” by talking about Naruto!


What’s it like to have a lover? A lover is someone who has romantic feelings for someone. We see this a lot in places we go or sometimes we have that one lover in your life that makes you feel really good inside. I like to think of lover has someone who, no matter what they see in you despite having flaws, they see nothing but the positive aspects. I think of lovers has a special fan who is willing to devote their time for others.

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