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September “Lover” Tour – Finding Respect and Common Ground in a Partner with Hikari!

And we are now at the end of the September “Lover” schedule!

Last time we looked at Matt’s post on the relationship between Naruto and Hinata, but more specifically on Hinata’s growing love for Naruto throughout the years that they knew each other, which started as admiration. If you missed his post, you can check out here! For tonight, we will be sharing our second last post in the lineup, which is by Hikari. In her post, Hikari talks about the manga Strobe Edge and what she considers to be good qualities in a significant other


I am going to keep it short. I think when chosing your partner ( even though it cant be chosen) I want a partner who would either have similiar interests or view of life as me or respect them. A lot of respect and understanding takes for a healthy relathionship.

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