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Kicking Off Our October “Fantasy” Tour with Irina and Natsume!

Happy Spooktober everyone!! Or perhaps we’re a little late, but that’s alright. We have two more weeks of Halloween fun and our OWLS members have really worked hard to bring you a fantasy-filled month

Yes! If you guys saw our theme reveal earlier this month, you guys know that for October OWLS will be talking about “Fantasy”. Thank you, Aria once again for the great theme suggestion! And starting us off for this tour is none other than our Natsume expert, Irina. Check out how she’s decided to twist “Fantasy” with Natsume


Fantasy is an interesting phenomenon. It’s very human. It’s a way for us to escape the everyday if just for a bit without immediately getting devoured by the first dragon that comes along. A place to create all the things that cannot be. A pretty garden in which our dreams can rest in the shade while our imagination roams free.

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