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October “Fantasy” Tour – The Parallels Between D&D Characters and Their Players with Pinkie!

Hey there Owlets! We know we just said hello this morning, but we couldn’t wait to share the next OWLS posts. And we figured, since this is a long one, we might as well share it a little closer to the evening than bedtime

Earlier today we shared Matt’s post, where he analyzed Kingdom Hearts and how we can grow with our favorite Disney and Final Fantasy characters in what might possibly be the best fantasy crossover ever. If you haven’t checked out his post, we recommend doing so now! Next up, we have another D&D post. We usually try to keep our members from talking about the same show during the same tour, but considering D&D is such a vast game (thanks to the story making aspect), we thought it was alright to spam you all with more of it

In Pinkie’s post, learn more about the world of D&D and what the character archetypes tell us about our real selves! Do you agree? Which character would you say you are?


We can not colour outside the lines to much because in these games we SHARE our fantasies. So not only do we have to live up to our own expectations, we also have make sure the others see that same character we want to be. When we push our fantasy outside of the limits, people will think we are bad at this whole fantasy theme.. so as a result we have developed certain arch-types which always work  for enjoyment.

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