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October “Fantasy” Tour – The Fantasy in Romance Anime with Shay!

And we’re back with another treat for our dear Owlets!!

A few hours ago, we shared Fred’s post, where he talked about fantasy in multiple media (like anime, music, books, art, and TV) and how each one furthered what we think of as fantasy and how we use it as an escape or relief from real life. If you missed that king-sized treat, head on over to Fred’s blog to check it out! After Fred is Shay, one of our favorite youtubers, who decided to look at fantasy from a more…romantic aspect. Check out what she has to say about fantasy and romance in media!

Fantasy as like ideal expectations of the fantasy world that a lot of us ma live in or may, still live in, or may have lived in. And so I looked at the genre of shoujo anime and the fantasy involved in that world of shoujo anime or like, romantic anime.

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